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Dallin Brewer Owner/Founder


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Licensed Ecutek Master Tuner, the only available in the state of Hawaii, Dallin Brewer specializes in Tuning sports cars such as Scion FR-S, Nissan GT-R and Infiniti Q60’s. Traveling all around the world Mr. Brewer has gained a good following with his tuning capabilities and trustworthy work. Using Ecutek as his primary software for performance tuning and custom modifications, his “Travel To You Tuning” promise has the community wanting more, delivering greater power and smooth delivery. Dallin says “If you drive the best, why not tune it with the best?”

“I started tuning in 2004, tuning my own personal vehicles. From there it spread to friends and people on forums. I like seeing the big changes I can make to a vehicle and to a customer. I thrive to make a vehicle run just as smooth if not smoother than factory and to make more power while doing it.

I started out learning Mechanic work at the age of 3. I was given a Honda 70-atc on my 3rd birthday. And when my mom had to pay a mechanic to come and fix it she told me “you better watch what he’s doing and learn to fix it yourself, because I’m not going to keep paying for a mechanic.” I grew up working on ATV’s, my teenage years were spent riding ATV’s and tuning the Carbs to further improve the power output. When my friends and I were old enough to legally drive I then shifted my focus onto cars/trucks” – Dallin Brewer



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